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About Lightfoot Films, Inc.

Lightfoot Films, Inc. was formed in 1981 as a a 501(c)(3) corporation to produce documentaries with a focus on social justice, culture, and human rights. Of special interest are women’s issues and Latin America.  We produce in English and Spanish.


Our productions have aired on PBS, ABC, NBC, Odyssey Channel, The Learning Channel, Hallmark Channel, and Brandenburg Television Network, and  have been screened and received awards at festivals that include the Human Rights Film Festival-Barcelona, London Latin American Film Festival, Amnesty International Film Festival, USA Film Festival, Havana Film Festival, Chicago International Film Festival, Athens International Film and Video Festival, Global Peace Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, Social Justice Film Festival, CineFestival, International Film Festival-Leipzig, Peace on Earth Film Festival and Women of the Americas Festival. 

Founder and Executive Director of Lightfoot Films, Gayla Jamison has produced human rights, cultural and social issue documentaries filmed in more than 20 countries on five continents. She began her career as staff Producer-Director-Writer for the Peabody Award-winning Turner Broadcasting series, “Portrait of America,” and in addition to her work with Lightfoot Films, has produced for Georgia Public Broadcasting, the Hispanic Telecommunications Network, Maryknoll Productions, and was  Manager of Current Programming at The Travel Channel.

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